Pamela Wilson-Ryckman

selected writings


San Francisco Art on Market Street, 2/22/10.     pdf - Devastations and Behaviors”, Jolene Torr, 4/18/08.   pdf

Art US - Pamela Wilson by Michelle Grabner Issue 12, March/April 2006   pdf

Artforum - Pamela Wilson, Gallery Paule Anglim by Glen Helfand, March 2005   pdf


In The Studio: Pamela Wilson-Ryckman, New American Painters Blog with Nadia Fellah, 2011    pdf

Comments on Pamela Wilson: Hard to Remember, Easy to Forget at MoniqueMeloche, and a Dialogue with the Artist with Brandon Larson, BAT, Issue 2, April 2006.    pdf


Detachable, Connectable by Michelle Grabner, Home and Away, Watercolors 2004-2010, Catalogue (2013)   pdf

Catalogue available through Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco